VTEL, a smart GPS device, best ensures the safety of your vehicle and loved ones on the road. Its advanced features include vehicle tracking, driver scoring, theft and accident alerts, crash management, safety alerts, and 24/7 emergency assistance. Achieve peace of mind knowing that with VTEL, safety is not compromised.

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Automatic crash alert and emergency response

In case of an accident, VTEL will automatically detect the exact location of your collision. Our 24/7 Call Center will then direct emergency services to you immediately.

24/7 Emergency & Roadside Assistance

In Emergency cases, push eCall button on the Driver Card or on your VTEL app to notify our Call Center. They will contact you to assess situation and direct emergency services such as Ambulance, Police, Fire Brigade, or Roadside Assistance to your location.

Speed Limit Alert

You will recieve an alert each time your vehicle has exceeded the specified speed limit.

Safety Alerts

A safety alert will be sent to you if car battery or device battery is weak.


Security Alerts

An alert will be sent to you and our Call Center agent will call you immediately if:

  • your car is driven away without the Driver Tag
  • your battery is disconnected
  • your car is towed
  • the device wiring is cut

Driver Card

If the car is driven without the Driver Card, theft alert will be activated and an alert will be sent to the owner and our 24/7 Call Center. Theft recovery will automatically be initiated.

Safety Alerts

In case of unauthorized use of vehicle, this feature will prevent your car from moving after it had stopped.

Smart Drive

Tracking & Driver Scoring

This allows you to locate your vehicle in real-time, review your journey history and trip details, and set/unset your point of interest.

Moreover, VTEL manages, rates, and finds out more about your driving style and give driving tips.

Crash Management

Provides real-time data to detect crash and provides a detailed report to analyze:

    extent of accident
    damages and repair cost
    possibility of injury and severity

Car Finder

Find your car and gets its status in real-time. You can activate the car horn to help find it in a large carpark. You can also get direction to your car from where you are.


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How is VTEL different from other GPS Devices?

  • Hassle-Free installation with simple 2-wire Device
  • Will Not Void Car Warranty
  • Access All Data via Mobile App
  • Recieve Theft and Accident Alerts
  • Checking Driving Score and Trip Analysis
  • Generate Accident Report and Reconstruction
  • Know your Car Battery Status
  • 24/7 Emergency and Roadside Assistance
  • Avail Usage-Based Insurance

Where can I purchase VTEL?

  • Ford BGC
  • Ford Manila
  • Nissan Ortigas
  • Nissan Quezon Ave.
  • Hyundai Pasong Tamo
  • Mazda Otis
  • Mini Cooper
  • Toyota Quezon Ave.